First things first.... :

http://www.freerice.com/          "click-ware" can change
http://smallthingschallenge.com/  ...step-by-step

Issues and Challenges in the region:
http://www.dogstation.de          dog-tired ! - if nobody is going to do anything about this disease I will have to do it !

the Alternatives :                (yes, the are alternatives to gooogle, windows, swr3, VW, yellowStrom, cnn, letterman  etc)
http://www.dradio.de/dkultur/     the radio station, ca 99.4MHz, yes, recently the played Oasis and discussed architecture within 10 minutes !
http://www.brandeins.de/          forget about NewsWeek or Capital 
http://www.hbo.com/billmaher/     if you like satire and irony, forget about all the american sit-coms and talk-shows and news channels (http://www.billmaher.com/) 
http://www.ixquick.com/           the awarded browser in your own language, without sponsered links ;-)
http://www.greenpeace-energy.de/  fair power !!!
http://www.jux-net.info/juxlala/  linux for kids, youth and beginners
http://www.tvr.co.uk/news.php     a car without even ABS, safer than all the rest together, it's only a pity I cannot afford one, and that they aren't really nice-looking. Interesting story, though.
http://www.teslamotors.com/       and then there is this electric car....
http://cree.ch/                   and my favorite electric car !
http://en.lernu.net/              lern a new language
http://www.peterzahlt.de/         why pay for long distance calls, or any phone calls what so ever for that matter
http://mailnull.com/              tired of spam ?
http://www.robinsonliste.de/      tired of spam, per eMail or snail-mail or even via phone ?

Interesting blogs

http://carlbildt.wordpress.com/   daily insider news from a foreign minister (a blog with more than 4 million hits)
http://plugsandcars.blogspot.com/ more electric cars
http://www.prettycoolthings.com/  pretty cool things (one example : have a look at this section of the page : 2008/11/15/urban-camouflage-art/ )

some more miscellaneous links (that could come in handy)
http://www.film.com/celebrities/ulf-stark/14824982             one of my personal favorites, times three...
http://spraakbanken.gu.se/                                        learn what a Korpus is !
http://www.saob.se/                                               one of the oldest and most complete dictionaries ever, and here the electronic verison of it...
http://g3.spraakdata.gu.se/saob/                                  so old that not even the word for 'car'('bil') is in there, other than in an add-on.

German-Englisch “False Friends“ I bump into every day and which really annoy me (not generally the people who got them wrong – they do not know better....yet - but merely the short act of doing it):

actually <> aktuell               aktuell = current
eventually <> eventuell           eventuell = (might) possibly    schließlich, endlich = finally, eventually

Read books in chronological order with the last one first:


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